New Website Questionnaire


Completing this form will help us better understand your website needs. It should be filled out by the person responsible for your project (on your side). When answering the questions below, please keep in mind two things:

  1. What is the purpose of the website or what are you trying to accomplish with it?
  2. How do you imagine it or what is it supposed to look like according to you?


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    Why do you need a website? In other words - what is your motivation, what benefits do YOU see in having a modern functional website (sell products, promote services, build a brand/image, create a community/following, provide resources, showcase a portfolio, other)? What mood should it convey?

    Describe your organization, practice, hobby or activity the site will be dedicated to. Explain your clients’ problem(s) that you solve. List anything that makes you or your org special/different than the competition, i.e. why do you stand out? Why visitors should do business with you in particular?

    What is the organization/business name? Do you have a slogan or a tag line that best describes what you offer to your clients in terms of benefits? This will usually be the key message that your website should deliver as well.

    Do you have a logo? If yes – do you want to see some suggestions on improving it? If no – do you want us to design one for you? Do you have other established brand guidelines (colors, fonts, other)? Will you also need printed products like business cards and brochures?

    Describe your potential clients, i.e. your target demographics: income, interests, gender, age, ethnicity, education, etc. Describe how you currently attract new clients?

    Please list 3 to 5 websites that you like in general (can be unrelated to your area of activity). Explain why. What attracts you in them (looks, format, colors, features, navigation, other)?

    Have you researched your online competition and do you have an idea how you want to position yourself in regards to them? Please list 3 to 5 websites of your competitors.

    What actions do you want visitors to take on your website (leave email address, make a purchase, contact you, fill out a form, other)? What features do you want to have? What languages? Do you have any other preferences in terms of color, style, navigation?

    Is there something you do NOT want on your website (specific text, images, other content)?

    Will you be providing the content of the website (text/images)? If yes – in what form will it be delivered (ready for publishing or need editing) and who will be responsible for updating it? If no – we can provide copy-writing and photography services.

    Do you plan to do online sales (product or service)? That is - do you need e-commerce capability in your website? If yes – how many products and what sales volume do you expect to have? Are you set up for a merchant account (can you accept credit cards)?

    Will you need a membership area for your “inner circle” visitors? Paid or not?

    How many email accounts do you plan to have associated with your website (your name, info, support, news, other)? Do you plan to send out a newsletter to your subscribers?

    If you are using a search engine to find your website, which words would you use – in order of importance? What other than search engines ways of promoting your website do you have in mind?

    Once your website is up and running, how long do you think it will take before you see significant results (sales, business) from it?

    How do you plan to encourage repeat visitors and referrals?

    Do you have an established Social Media (SoMe) presence? If yes – which services do you use? If not – do you want us to create accounts for you and setup your SoMe pages?

    Do you plan to arrange yourself your domain name registration (“”) and web hosting? If not – we can do it for you.

    Do you plan to do the website maintenance yourself (technical updates, SEO, security, modifications, link checking, performance monitoring)? Again, if not – we can do it for you.

    What is your budget/price range for this project (should reflect the complexity of the website)? What is the timeframe you have in mind for the project completion? Who else will be involved on your side? Their roles?

    Assuming you are the decision maker, what is the go-no-go decision turnaround time for this project?

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