Web presence as a managed service

The Internet is constantly changing and evolving and a well-defined and executed web presence should keep up with these developments. The overall management of a successful web presence can be a gigantic undertaking when all the tasks involved with it are considered.

Some website owners are spending time on keeping up with these tasks instead of focusing on their core competencies. Moreover, what they usually do is reactive in nature as opposed to proactive, as it should be, leading to countless lost work hours and wasted energy.

Other website owners are counting on unproductive and inefficient support with long response and resolution times that does not meet their expectations. Or rely on on-demand support, which can be very expensive and unreliable. Waiting to call such support teams at the last minute makes things even worse.

Such behavior comes from the lack of understanding of a fundamental concept. Digital (or online) assets are as valuable today as the traditional, material ones. In most cases, a person or a brand’s web presence is one of the most important things an individual or a company should care about.

This misalignment with reality is partly due to the incomprehension of the complexity of the digital environment and the complicated interconnection of the individual components in the digital world. That is why we in Bularg believe that a successful results-driven web presence management is an activity that needs to be handled professionally by experts.

From its technical to its marketing aspects, a professionally handled web presence will not only continuously maintain all of your digital assets but will also align them so that they send a uniform message to your audience and improve your visibility on the Internet.

All tedious technology related day-to-day tasks aside, do you really have time to pay attention to the latest developments in all web-related disciplines – latest design trends, media formats, coding languages, writing styles and so on? How about monitoring your content performance online?

Properly managed web presence guarantees you not only reliable performance of your web assets from a technical stand point but contributes to making your message on the web naturally discoverable. The resulting increased traffic brings more leads, which eventually turn into more recognition or higher revenue depending on the purpose of your online presence.

Maintaining a digital footprint has its responsibilities. It cannot be let to self-manage itself. The tasks involved cannot be taken lightly, executed sporadically, or left to the mercy of an untrained personnel. Only regular, diligent work by qualified professionals has been proven to produce the desired results.

A synchronized multi-angle approach in managing your web presence is needed to ensure its success. Let’s look at some of the services provided by serious web presence managers:

  • Periodic technical maintenance tasks
  • Website, SoMe Pages and Directory Listings updates
  • Analytics/Traffic Stats
  • SEO and SEM
  • Reputation Management and Social PR
  • Partnerships Management
  • Counseling on optimization and performance improvements

Hiring out your web presence management may be a quick decision or a transitional process – depending on one’s propensity for change. In either case, contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of you situation and plans. Make Bularg your trusted partner on your way to online success.

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